Brand Integration allows you to reach consumers by integrating products or messages within the entertainment content already being consumed. It is an amplified type of product placement in which the product is central to the program’s plot line. The brand is interwoven within the script, showcasing product functions or unique features. This typically only occurs with a cash fee, media buy or significant production provisioning resulting in major production cost savings.



Brand Integration is more so guaranteed by production, allowing Interactive Campaigns and Co-Promotions to be built to support the partnership, including: co-branded media buys, retail POS, sweepstakes & social media campaigns.


Music videos offer one of the most affordable and fastest options for a brand to appear on screen alongside top rated celebrity musicians. Brands can reach tens to hundreds of millions of fans who watch music videos online. Guaranteed seconds and logo visibility, and options to create social layover campaigns.


Brand integration can also be effectively applied to music, exploiting the strength and instantaneousness of content.

The consistent reach of music videos continue to prove how influential and prolific they can be. Since the launch of YouTube until the last new video networks.

Music videos create powerful emotional connections to a piece of content with a short 3-4 minute time commitment. With an average of 6-8 seconds of integration, a brand receives major exposure for each placement. Multiply that exposure by millions to billions of views and the value of a music video integration becomes apparent.

Thanks to the network of collaborations with artists, producers, record companies, RDL offers its customers the opportunity to become part of this world.

Lavazza collaborated with popular band, Echosmith, to create a custom coffee-themed lyric video for their new hit single »Over My Head». The video released on 3/16/18 via the band’s official YouTube page and quickly accumulated views, likes and comments. It received over 500,000 engagements across social and media platforms within the first week with daily continuing growth.

Continuing in partnership with Charlie Puth Lavazza coffee strategically integrated product into Charlie’s Spring hit song “Attention”. In addition to the placement Lavazza supported the release further with coffee and coffeetails service at the launch party and exclusive art installation on Melrose Ave.

RDL has collaborated with Lavazza Coffee and Peuterey Clothing for the  Jennifer Lopez “Ain’t Your Mama” Music Video on April 2016 realizing a perfect branded integration with multiple brands.



Behind The Scenes branding opportunities exist on the sets of TV shows, feature films, music videos with trendsetters and influencers – and can extend to production offices, studio lots and more! Activations are fully staffed by RDL and customized to be relevant to brand, and can range from on set events to Hollywood premiere parties and more. Photos, Testimonials and Social Media Content are secured from these event activations.